Jingdezhen shengjiang special about large and high-grade ceramic murals

Over 1700 years, in the long history of development, the development of jingdezhen ceramic culture and art has made an indelible contribution, continuous kiln fire. There is no region in the world like jingdezhen, which has rich ceramic art culture, profound ceramic culture and art atmosphere, exquisite and comprehensive craft, and rich and diverse ceramic materials. Jingdezhen ceramic painted murals, ceramic color and glaze murals, ceramic sculpture, relief, sculpture, sculpture and comprehensive decoration murals have been in the leading position.

Porcelain plate painting is a kind of plane ceramic handicraft made by hand baking and glazing on ordinary porcelain plate with special chemical pigments and then firing at high temperature. Our porcelain plate painting is made of ceramic, the surface is smooth and beautiful, combines traditional Chinese aesthetics and modern practical, not only fashion, but also very durable, not afraid of wet, not afraid of mold, decades of bright color, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Porcelain plate painting as decoration or hall partition, for viewing. 

Custom painted porcelain panels decorating the corridors
Custom jingdezhen high-grade ceramic porcelain plate painting

Ceramic murals are an important part of environmental art, showing specific social emotions, cultural life and aesthetic concepts in different historical periods. Modern ceramic mural, on the basis of painting, the artists blend Chinese and western, both can be on the brick surface with a splash of ink, with white, brush method engraved painting Chinese traditional ink artistic conception, but also can use western oil painting techniques, we will be familiar with the building in the oil painting, characters, life style vivid description on the ceramic tile.

After years of development, there are three trends in the field of architectural ceramics and daily ceramics: the inheritance of traditional ceramic art, the birth of new shapes and design styles, and the trend of customization. With the innovative development of The Times, ceramic murals are no exception. In addition to the diversity of painting techniques and styles, great progress has been made in the use of materials and techniques of expression. From the former environment beautification, the ceramic mural has been transformed into a theme with significant commemorative significance and symbolic meaning of social and cultural life. In order to beautify the environment, new architectural space, carrier and many new design techniques have been explored. Ceramic mural customization is jingdezhen xingtai ceramic design of individual products, with a strong artistic appeal. Beautiful household fashion, cannot leave the metope adornment of individuation.


A ceramic mural used for the decoration of the hall
These artistic ceramic prints are being installed

Murals are a kind of public art, not a single picture on the wall, only to express the feelings of the painter, you can change. Wall pictures is the product of environment and spatial relationships, not self appreciation, cannot subjectively and let the public to see what want to draw, the general public should be concerned about here, to make professional saw shu xin, the layman to see this, let everybody to resonate with the picture, the murals into public welfare content and is fit for the integration of artistic taste, reflects the health of noble thought connotation, show the distinct features of times, the advocacy of developing national spirit to strive. The city environment landscape can be permeated with such a complete and deep cultural connotation, the city’s cultural taste will inevitably improve. The shape, color and combination of visible and easy to read in the mural can convey the emotional information of emotion or emotion or emotion, and the rational information of right and wrong. The artist will be in the mural together with the public to understand the life, nature, society of a thousand kinds of amorous feelings, all kinds of secret, and in the straightforward and pleasant communication together to improve, in the subtle purification of people’s ideological realm, improve the national spiritual quality, establish a good moral sentiment and social fashion.

Jingdezhen shengjiang special about large and high-grade ceramic murals

Jingdezhen ShengJiang ceramic company produces customized ceramic craft porcelain plate painting, high-grade hand-painted ceramic porcelain plate, household decorative porcelain plate painting, the hall hangs a picture porcelain plate painting, landscape decoration porcelain plate, villa decoration porcelain plate painting, household decoration porcelain plate painting porcelain plate painting, frameless hall, sitting room customized decorative porcelain plate painting, jingdezhen porcelain plate painting, pottery and porcelain porcelain plate painting, fine ceramic decoration, business housewarming gift, blue and white landscape ceramic porcelain plate painting, porcelain decorative porcelain plate painting landscapes, jingdezhen blue and white porcelain plate paintings, home decoration, sitting room adornment. Is the household hall central hall, the bedroom, the wall, the hotel, the hall hall, the theme park ceramic mural decoration.



Custom park decoration with landscape ceramic murals
Ceramic murals become a landscape outside

Today, what really matters is the life of choice. The use of a ceramic mural can be anything from an artist’s inspiration to a vivid scene painted on a wall in a family’s life to an artistic landmark in a public project with a distinct regional plot. As a painter, ceramic murals provide a new carrier for creation in addition to painting paper and canvas. As a family, ceramic murals provide a new way to better life for customization. As a scenic spot, engineering ceramic murals can create a popular new hot spot. Ceramic murals are not only the creation of artists, but also the art of fire. Jingdezhen xingtai ceramic mural customization factory, with a strong team of artists to participate in the design, painting, the use of three degree firing technology, after 1260 degrees Celsius firing, to fire a more ideal mural works. In the outdoor wind and sun fade, can keep the picture effect of the mural for a long time, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance.

The height, width and depth of the three-dimensional space of the ceramic murals are incomparable and irreplaceable by any other ceramic vessel type and carrier. Ceramic mural painting has broad market development prospect, rough and exquisite, vigorous and comely, concrete, image, abstract artistic technique, as long as and composition, material combination is good, can become clever expression form, produce magnificent and perfect picture. Ceramic murals not only edify people’s sentiment and beautify the natural environment, but also give people elegant artistic enjoyment.

A ceramic mural is being installed for correction
Custom Chinese ceramic landscape painting mural

Shengjiang company can customize large ceramic murals modern ceramic murals, ceramic art and culture, the concept of life. The ceramist inherits the traditional ceramic technique, combines the modern aesthetic taste, creates the elegant fresco art with the magnificent momentum. The use of architectural space and its indoor and outdoor walls and floors, the creation of ceramic murals in the form of painting, sculpture, inlay, etc., installation in the human living environment of the artistic characteristics of the ceramic murals is not restricted by the focus perspective, the use of scattered perspective space, to give people with multiple visual effects.

Smooth ceramic murals in the beautiful forest
Beautiful Chinese style mountain forest with smooth ceramic murals


With thousands of years of kiln fire, so many exquisite ceramic works were produced in the long history of Chinese ceramics. For a long time, porcelain was the most important cultural symbol of China. Tang tri-colored porcelain, yuan blue and white porcelain and xuande porcelain are also rare treasures. Chinese art ceramics inherited the previous generations’ attention to ceramic production, inherited the pursuit of artistic beauty, modern kiln burning is still after thousands of years of the soul of the nation.


Hand-painted custom ceramic murals are displayed in detail
Sheng jiang Chinese painting custom ceramic murals

In the construction industry booming today, most of the buildings from the idea of modernism “less is more”, exterior wall decoration are all glass curtain wall or single color ceramic tile, really cold, lack of affection, such as the pursuit of industry rapid development and production of architectural form, with people to yearn for the natural ecological environment. However, the mural can be used as a window for people to face nature, can see the mural depicting nature in the outer wall and the central hall of the building, it is undoubtedly a relaxed and happy feeling of the soul. At the same time, in all kinds of mural form, the most durable, the most easy to clean, the most resistant to erosion, the most bright color, the most diverse means of expression, should be ceramic mural.

The installation is decorated with beautiful ceramic murals
The installation is decorated with beautiful ceramic murals


Customize beautiful ceramic murals to show your favorite styles and pictures and keep them forever.

Shengjiang ceramics provides the ceramic decoration you want,

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