Insight of Porcelain Ginger Jar

      “That’s a ginger jar!” I hear you say. I totally understand. I was thinking the same thing when I started this idea book, but after some research. I’ve changed my tune. Based on the shape and lid, those ceramic containers you’ve seen labeled all over the place as ginger jars may in fact go by a different name altogether. Read on to find out how to use them throughout your home.

one plain color ginger jar

You can find temple jars that are in a simple, one-color glaze…



… and those with intricate scenes or patterns on the exterior.

tabletop ceramic temple jar

    The statuesque shape works well for adding a little height and interest where needed, making them perfect for a tablescape…

little white temple jar

    If you’ve got little ones, tuck your jar up high and out of harm’s way.


pair of ceramic temple jar

    A pair can make for a dramatic arrangement pretty much anywhere with a free ledge.


     Do you have any insight for us on the difference between ginger jars and temple jars? If so, please share below!


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