Shengjiang Ceramics on Royal Wedding

     It is a big news not only for the royal family in the Far East, but also great pride of Shengjiang Ceramics for our ceramics are chosen by royal family to be used on the royal wedding.



     The entrance of the wedding hall are two large blue and white floral porcelain floor vases to welcome all the guests to celebrate this big day for the royal bride and bridegroom.

Shengjiang Ceramics on Royal wedding



     When hundred years ago, porcelain is still a low production goods. All around the world, people try to get a porcelain. It is high price and hard to get. Only top royal family can get the chance to own a delicate porcelain. No matter a porcelain vase, a porcelain plate or even a small porcelain tea cup, the royal will keep it in the showcase carefully to be exhibition.

Shengjiang Ceramics on Royal wedding

    Even nowadays, to own a nice porcelain is still a proud and enjoyable experience. The Far East royal family find us and choose the best ceramics from Shengjiang Ceramics to show on the wedding. The porcelain from Jingdezhen China brings a exotic and unique atmosphere to their wedding.


Shengjiang Ceramics on Royal wedding

    It is easier and cheaper than ancient days to get porcelain. Normal family also can buy porcelain from Shengjiang Ceramics to get a real Jingdezhen China made, valuable porcelain. You can get the same quality and value ceramics which equals to the Royal family using ceramics.

Shengjiang Ceramics on Royal wedding

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Shengjiang Ceramics on Royal wedding


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