About us

Jingdezhen Sheng Jiang porcelain  is a trading & manufacturer of porcelain products based in Jingdezhen city, the Chinese porcelain birthplace. Established in the year of 2006, family owned by Clare and Arong; 

We are able to meet different customization requirements, pay attention to detail and the small production runs that industrial factories can’t .  

Our items are mainly with Asian influence. 95%  designs from Jingdezhen,  out of there 60%  revenue share are from international  trading  which already started around 10 years.

International shipping (to 51 Countries ).  We focus on long –terms partnerships. Welcome potential buyers to contact us!


Above is the SGS certification of Shengjiang Ceramics and Registration form for foreign trade dealers of Shengjiang Ceramics approved by China Government.

shengjiang factory building

Above is Shengjiang Ceramics factory building, ceramic products show room and office.

shengjiang ceramic production spot

Above is Shengjiang Ceramics factory production spot.

shengjiang ceramic packing spot

Above is Shengjiang Ceramics real packing spot.


BELOW  IS OUR Brochure

2020  NEW:

Porcelain  ginger jar:   ShengJiang-2020-VOL1-ginger-jar.pdf

shengjiang porcelain plate bowl vase and others:  ShengJiang-2020-VOL1-plate-bowl-vase-othercolorful.pdf

ceramics  jars: ShengJiang-2020-VOL1-jars.pdf

china  porcelain gardon  stools and  staues pots:ShengJiang-2020-VOL1-stool-statue-pots.pdf

porcelain  tablelamps: ShengJiang-2020-VOL1-tablelamps.pdf


porcelain  basin

Click to download(PDF Version):2019.VOL01-jingdezhen-shengjiang-ceramic-art-basin-washsink-brochure.pdf

Click to download(PDF Version):  2019.VOL02-jingdezhen-shengjiang-ceramic-art-basin-washsink-brochure.pdf

Click to download(PDF Version):  2019.VOL03-jingdezhen-shengjiang-ceramic-art-basin-washsink-brochure-LJ.pdf

Click to download(PDF Version):  2019.VOL04-jingdezhen-shengjiang-ceramic-art-basin-washsink-brochure-jy.pdf


2019 Porcelain Tables And Gardon Stools

Click to download 2019 shengjiang porcelain ceramics stools and tables  brochure (PDF Version): 2019-jingdezhen-shengjiang-ceramic-porcelain-gardon-stools-table-small.pdf

2019 Porcelain Tablelamps

Click to download 2019 shengjiang porcelain  tablelamps brochure (PDF Version): 2019-jingdezhen-shengjiang-ceramic-porcelain-tablelamp-brochure-3-small.pdf