2019 Shengjiang exquisite arts and crafts ceramic wash basin

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   Ceramic washbasin is the most common kind of washbasin at present, and it is also one of the necessary household commodities in our daily life. Compared with plastic washbasin, ceramic washbasin is better in weight, but it is also better in sanitation and cleanliness. Overall, it has a good performance-price ratio.

precious ceramic wash basin

precious ceramic wash basin

   Most of the top-grade hand-painted basins of Shengjiang ceramics adopt the technology of underglaze colored ceramics, which is also the best ceramic technology at present. Therefore, we should pay attention to distinguishing when purchasing ceramic basins to prevent illegal dealers from impersonating underglaze colors with overglaze colors in order to fake the true. Underglaze decoration pays attention to meticulous freehand brushwork, which must be hand-drawn and bright color, not printing or decals.

hand painted ceramic wash sink

hand painted ceramic wash sink


   Shengjiang Ceramic Company provides lots of  various styles of ceramic wash basins to high end hotels、villas、and restaurants because of its high quality and suitable price.Ceramic wash basins will make your home or hotel become more advanced and artistic.There are so many kinds of ceramic wash basins in Shengjiang Ceramic Company.Therefore, if you want to look for a satisfying ceramic wash sink ,our company is a good choise for you.

retro ceramic wash basins

retro ceramic wash basins

   Shengjiang ceramic washbasin is different from other ordinary washbasins. It uses high-temperature firing technology. It is easy to clean but not easy to scratch and never fade.

never fade ceramic wash basins





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