15th Jiangxi Provinciacl Sports Meeting Holds in Jingdezhen

28th Oct 2018, the 15th Jiangxi provincial sports meeting holds in Jingdezhen. The opening ceremony is in Jingdezhen sports center at 20:00 28th Oct 2018. And it will end at 5th Nov 2018.

jingdezhen sport center

Jiangxi Provinciacl Sports Meeting will be held each 4 years. So each time, it will be solemn.

Jingdezhen Jiangxi sport center


The torch of this sports meeting named Perfect is lighted in the main meeting place–Jingdezhen sports center.

light the torch of Jingdezhen sport meeting


the torch of Jiangxi Provincial sport meeting

Thousands of athletes, dancers and audiences gather at Jingdezhen sports center to enjoy this special moment.

sport meeting of Jingdezhen ceramics town

opening ceremony of Jingdezhen sport meeting



This time, there will be no gold metal tally. Just show the single competition result to all for our government hopes people will just enjoy the happiness bringing by sports itself rather than utilitarian.


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