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jingdezhen Oval high temperature colour glazed washsink
jingdezhen Oval high temperature colour glazed washsink





















Porcelain Washbasin is an indispensable product in our bathroom space. It makes our bathroom more exquisite.So far, there are many kinds of washbasin materials on the market. Among them, ceramic is the most commonly used material.

Due to the common use of ceramic floor tiles in bathroom, the matching ceramic basin is widely used. Generally speaking, basins are made of ceramics, which are more economical and durable. But the color and shape change little, basically is white, the shape is mainly oval, semicircle.

Our company’s basins are not only colorful, but also irregular in geometry. Our basins are not only round semicircles and serious squares, but also triangular, pentagonal and even petal shaped. Various shapes of the basin make the viewer appreciate a lot of interesting. And the popularization of two or even three pots also makes the most effective use of home space, and also adapts to the fast-paced modern life.

china handmade  Colour glazed ceramic washbasin
china handmade Colour glazed ceramic washbasin





















As far as the basin is concerned, color first becomes the declaration of individuality. Light green, sea blue, bright yellow, pink and other colorful colors become the color palette of modern home furnishings. They express the feelings of the host and make people feel vitality and happiness at first sight.

In addition to the change of pure tone, the infiltration of cultural flavor also makes the white or ivory traditional ceramic basin show noble and elegant temperament. For example, the depiction of

flowers, birds, insects and fish on the white tone adds a little interest. There are also ancient Tang and Song poetry, which makes the bathroom no longer monotonous.

Material changes with color changes, such as cloisonne basin color logo is obvious, classical meaning comes, generally used in star hotels. There are also glazed glass basin, with the plump color of glass, infiltrating each other, quite noble, is the first choice for children’s bathroom and design studio.

The feeling of the basin and the lake are connected together. Such a style has no overflow hole, is complete and has no defects. The faucet is combined with the basin body. It seems that the irregular shape formed by unintentional rolling seems to be a natural lake water. Seeing the ordinary faucet which is used to flowing water, you can’t help but want to stretch out your hand, as if there is a source of fresh water.


shengjiang  Black cobblestone oval ceramic washbasin



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