Shengjiang handmade blue and white ceramic flower pot


Shengjiang handmade blue and white porcelain flower pot

Made of porcelain clay, covered with colored glaze. Exquisite workmanship, simple and elegant clean, beautiful shape.


Shengjiang handmade blue and white porcelain more design flower pot



Glazed pottery basin on the outer wall is more suitable for long-term placement and planting because the inner wall is unglazed and retains the essence of the earthen pot. It is also beautiful in appearance and has internal hydrophobic permeability. The most representative blue and white colors are two kinds, one is rich and deep, the color is dark blue; the other is low in iron content, showing elegant and pure color, which is mostly used to depict flowers and birds. The pattern is full.Mature blue and white porcelain appeared in Jingdezhen during the Yuan Dynasty. Due to the adoption of “porcelain stone + kaolin” dual formula, the content of Al2O3 in the embryo is increased, the firing temperature is increased, and the deformation rate in the roasting process is reduced. The body of most implements is so thick, thick and full of shape. 



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