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Crystal Glaze Ceramic Vase:New Trend in Home Decoration
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   Crystal glaze ceramic vase now is popular in China for it’s bright clashing color, shinny golden power pattern. It seems different from traditional simple and elegant ceramic vase. Chinese home decor market gradually accept this new star. In fact, this new star really worths this well welcome. For it is not easy making process and its surface is really outstanding.

crystal glaze ceramic big vase

crystal glaze ceramic big vase

Above picture is our clients’ real picture of placing our golden powder crystal porcelain vase at their home and office.



Below we will explain the process of our Shengjiang crystal glaze ceramic vase.

  1. The special clayfromJingdezhen origin is used to be ceramic body. After glazed (Jingdezhen high white glaze), it is fired at 1330 degrees to be green ware.golden powder ceramic vase

      2. The glaze is mixed with gold powder, blown to the green ware,then to be synthetic crystal effect on the surface of ceramic body.

gold shinny flower red porcelain vase

      3. Wait until it is dry and put it in the kiln to be fired.gold shinny flower red porcelain vase

  1. Paste the glazed flowers (usually peony) decal on ceramic body and burn them again in the kiln.oily surface red ceramic vase

  2. After firing 3 times, then the crystal glaze vasecan be finally done.

mellow yellow porcelain vase

About Peony: Known as the “King of Flowers” in China, it has been called China’s national beauty and heavenly fragrance since ancient times and it is national flower of China which means auspicious, perfect, graceful and luxurious.

full belly blue floral ceramic vase

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crystal glaze gold peony porcelain vase

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crystal glaze gold peony porcelain vase

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