The Rice Hole Pattern Ceramic with Blue and White Painting

     Blue and white rice pattern porcelain is one of the four traditional porcelains in Jingdezhen. However, compared with the other three famous porcelains, its reputation is much less, because there are few historical documents and historical relics, which leads to the lack of experts and scholars. The research is also not thorough, so that people know little about the development of blue-and-white rice pattern porcelain.

linglong porcelain bowl linglong porcelain bowl linglong porcelain bowl linglong porcelain bowl

   The blue-and-white rice pattern porcelain is the perfect combination of blue-and-white enamel and the exquisite craftsmanship. Therefore, the prerequisites must be that the blue-and-white and exquisite crafts are relatively mature.

carved fire work ceramic cup

    In the Song Dynasty, among all the Jingdezhen porcelain, there is a kind of product called smoked stove. The cover is made of hollow decoration. During the firing process, due to the high temperature fluidity of the glaze, the firing temperature is often not controlled, and the temperature in the kiln is often too high. Therefore, the glaze is melted and flows to fill the holes in the furnace cover, and after the kiln is discharged, the light is illuminated, and the light is transparent.

carved porcelain cherry blossom cup

    This kind of accidental product defect has greatly inspired the craftsmen, and finally succeeded in firing crystal clear and exquisite porcelain in the Yongle emperor period of the Ming Dynasty. In the middle of the Ming Dynasty, Jingdezhen not only was able to produce exquisite porcelain in batches, but also combined the crystal clear and delicate blue and white skills to form a famous blue-and-white price hole pattern porcelain, which became a famous brand in Jingdezhen porcelain.

The Rice Hole Pattern Ceramic with Blue and White Painting

     Linglong porcelain(rice hole pattern porcelain) is also called “rice flower”, the Japanese called “Mitong”, and the Westerners call it a glass-embedded porcelain.” It uses iron carving technique to first make a certain shape of exquisite eyes on the porcelain body, with special decoration. Linglong glaze fills the eyes, and then draws blue and white, and glazes and burns at high temperature. The blue and white enamel is decorated with exquisite, quiet and elegant, simple and generous artistic features, giving people a fresh and bright feeling.

linglong porcelain spoon

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