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A Legend Story of Leaf in Ceramic Cup
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    We have seen many tea bowls, but “a leaf into a cup, smart romantic, let you drink every tea is like a kiss nature” tea bowl you have seen?

leaf inside tea cup

    If you have a wooden leaf ceramic cup, you can tell others that this cup is the only one in the world. Because there are no two identical leaves in the world, every leaf is unique and precious.


tea leaf cup with water

    Wooden leaf tea porcelain cup, produced in Jizhou kiln of Jiangxi Province in Song Dynasty.

It is famous for the grain of wood leaf in the porcelain cup.

tea leaf cup with water


    The lines on the porcelain are not surprising at all, but the wood leaves are strange. They are not painted or carved, but the marks left on the cup by the natural leaves after being fired at high temperature.The leaves are sinewy, and some of them are even clearly textured.

    More magical is, the formation of wooden leaf cup is not man-made creation, however it happens by one day coincidence.



Jizhou kiln

    1200 years ago, Jizhou kiln artisans used to fire the specialty of black porcelain tea cup, a gust of wind blew over the forest one day, inadvertently a mulberry leaves float into the furnace of the black cup in burn sagger. After magic fire, the leaf did not disappear. On the contrary, it performed perfectly beautiful lines, form and context fusion in glaze, the world’s first konoha temmoku porcelain cup that is such a miracle was born.


mulberry leaf tea cup

mulberry tea cup

    One konoha temmoku porcelain cup already was listed as cultural relic of national treasure class in Japan Tokyo Museum, taking out to visit only in limited time every year.


Japan tea leaf ceramic cup



    Another in the British museum is also a collection of wooden leaves tianmu cup, the British museum called it “the artifact of the world.”


antique tea leaf ceramic cup


    A fallen leaf, at the moment when life is about to die, gains eternal life in the tea cup forged with fire and soil. This is far from the common tea set that should have an ideal mood.



yellow tea leaf inside black tea set


    As the Buddha says: one flower one world, one leaf one linden. Enlightenment is to realize your heart. The wooden leaf tianmu cup is represented by the wooden leaf.  “one dust, one Buddha, one leaf, one Buddha”.



Jizhou kiln ceramic tea leaf cup



    Jizhou kiln glaze has the characteristic as similar rain flower stone, when wooden leaf cup encounters water, glaze becomes black and ablaze immediately, leaf texture on the ceramic cup is like the new leaf after rain, lifelike, attract daydream.



Jizhou kiln ceramic tea leaf cup


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