Trend Alert: Blue-and-White Ceramic Is Back

     Blue-and-white pottery has been around for more than one thousand years. We can thank the ancient Mesopotamians for the first blue glaze.

Blue-and-White Ceramic Is Back

    In the 14th century, the Chinese developed the iconic patterns in cobalt that later inspired European Chinoiserie and Delftware.

    Today, blue-and-white accessories, such as vases and plates, are found in traditional home design, but the trend is coming back in unexpected, funky ways. This is not your grandmother’s antique ginger jar. Get the look in your home with our top picks.

Blue-and-White Ceramic Is Back

    Let’s be real: This look never went away. But big home brands are pushing the Asian-inspired china hard this year. From the kitchen to the garden, check out how you can add a little blue and white to your home.

Blue-and-White Ceramic Is Back


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