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Temple Fair in Jan 2019 Jingdezhen
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    Chinese Spring Festival is near. It would be a longest holiday of whole year for Chinese people. The atmosphere of the holiday is also becoming dense.

Temple Fair in Jan 2019 Jingdezhen

    Jingdezhen as a porcelain city with thousand years history. Jingdezhen city is with modern and traditional style. Jingdezhen city still holds temple fair each year. Family get together and enjoy the happy time in the fair.

Temple Fair in Jan 2019 Jingdezhen

    17th -22th Jan 2019, Jingdezhen city holds the temple fair with umbrella theme.

Temple Fair in Jan 2019 Jingdezhen

    You can see all the China style wooden umbrella hanging on the top when you are walking through the temple fair. The street seems like a gallery.

Temple Fair in Jan 2019 Jingdezhen

    Each sides of the street, there are performance and delicious snacks for sale. Most of the snacks are also with hundred years history.

Temple Fair in Jan 2019 Jingdezhen

    Jingdezhen is a city with tangible cultural heritage–porcelain, and it also insists on passing on the intangible cultural heritage like the tradition of temple fair.


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