Ceramics in the Chinese TV Play

Nowadays Chinese TV play also becomes popular all around the world especially those ancient story TV play. Those scrupulous friends can find that there are abundant ceramics showing up in Chinese TV play and film.

blue and white ceramics in TV play

As the ceramics making town for ancient Chinese emperor, Jingdezhen ceramics comes up on these TV shows. Although machine making ceramics is widely used but Jingdezhen city still insist on keep the traditional hand made ceramics process. So even now, Jingdezhen ceramics are still produced like thousand years ago. You can feel the technique inherit from long time ago.

Empresses in the Palace


Empresses in the Palace is the most popular Qing Dynasty style TV play in China. We can see the blue and white ceramics and famille rose ceramics are common in the show.

emperor yellow ceramics


In China, yellow means royal. So you can see the ceramics are often yellow background and the emperor also wears the yellow dragon robe. Jingdezhen city is still hand painted these famille rose ceramics. You can even feel each brush on the ceramic body.

ceramic water bowl ceramic water bowl

In the Kongfu movie, the ceramics would not so luxury. It would be plain daily use ceramics. But those simple ceramics are also with artists high skills.


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