Stylish Porcelain Collection

I like to give attention not only to the pieces themselves, but also to their context.


pink ceramic plates

Collections of a single type of ceramic, like this pink style plates, makes an enticing and personal statement.



tea pot with flowers to sell




A teapot as a planter for flowers and succulents. It will give you another reason to get one of your favorite things out of the cupboard and into view.


lion dog figurine


We usually think of flowers and candles when decorating a dining table for guests. But a pair of antique China lion dogs can take center stage and work a different kind of enchantment. 



flower tureen


This wonderful old soup tureen, adds another layer of charm to a dining room side table. It can be pressed into service for dinner, but could just as easily be filled with fresh tulips for a stunning flower arrangement. It was awesome.



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