Ceramics Alchemy in Home Decoration

        Although furniture has a profound influence on the ambience, mood and tone of a home, it’s not just big things that matter in interior design. It’s the charm and beauty of little things that impart life to a room, in the same way that jewelry and accessories can make or break a dress or suit. 

       Ceramics are one of the very best things you can collect. They’re functional (especially compared with silver match safes), come in a wide range of prices and, when used lovingly and displayed creatively, bring design magic to a room.

shengjiang ceramic flower vase


      The simple act of putting a few flowers into an antique mason’s pitcher and setting it on a table can transform your room. Maybe you are refreshed by the shape or color of the piece, or by the soft glow of the glaze. But there’s magic in it for sure.


      If you collect ceramics, you have the opportunity to re-create this magic again and again, changing and shaping the decor of a room as your mood changes — or as you simply move something to a different place. Here, the same pitcher casts a different spell as it is paired with different items.


ceramic pitcher with flowers

      Notice, by the way, that when I arrange a tablescape, I usually use uneven numbers. Three or five things artfully placed on an end table create a better composition than two or four.


home decor ceramic plate


      A single plate, can be placed on a stand and tucked next to some flowers to conjure an alluring atmosphere. Many of us have beautiful plates stacked out of sight in china cupboards. Why not get one of your favorites out of the stack and put it on display for you and your family and guests to enjoy?


ceramic decor plate on wall for sale


      A plethora of plates creates a different kind of alchemy. Maybe you love collecting white plates and platters of all kinds, like the ones seen here, and don’t want to hide them in your cupboard. As your collection grows, arrange them on a wall in a large grouping. 

antique ceramic plate for sale online

      By the way, you’re going to need plate hangers to accomplish this. They’re available in many antiques stores, malls and even hardware stores.


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