The things you should know about ceramic ginger jar

You might not know them by name, but you’ll certainly recognize these blue-and-white ceramics.


shengjiang ceramics jar


Ginger jars are a design classic, irresistibly shapely and decorative in all their blue-and-white glory. Lately, we’ve seen them popping up in all sorts of surprising places. Here’s some background on these gorgeous collectibles.


home decor jar


  1. They started out as storage pieces.

Originally a vessel for storing precious spices in ancient China, the beloved ginger jar long ago shrugged off its utilitarian purpose.


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  1. A 1600s trend ignited an entire industry.

A European craze for blue-and-white Chinese export pieces fueled the budding delftware industry, which churned out Far East-inspired items to meet demand.


ceramic jar to decor hall


  1. In the 1960s, the jars became popular again among design connoisseurs.

McMillen, Inc. designed an airy ginger jar-dotted room for the imitable Babe Paley in the Bahamas. Said Paley to antiques designer John Rosselli: “You can never be too rich or too thin or have too much blue and white.” Today, these ceramics are still used as visual shorthand for luxurious yet classic interiors.


classic home decor jars


  1. You can find them in other hues, but the blue-and-white motif is most common — and the most inspiring.

Designer David Hicks translated the perennially popular accessory into his graphic Vase pattern. It became an instant classic, inspiring jar-adorned fabrics to this day.


traditional Australian style jar


  1. They’ve earned a spot in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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