Decorating With Antiques: The Magic of Ceramics

Although furniture has a profound influence on the ambience, mood and tone of a home, it’s not just big things that matter in interior design. It’s the charm and beauty of little things that impart life to a room, in the same way that jewelry and accessories can make or break a dress or suit.

As I’m an antiques enthusiast, this might explain my addiction to collections. After all, you can only own so many antique sofas or dressers or armoires or side tables. But my armoire has room for dozens of antique linens, ceramic teapots, silver match safes and ruby glass muffineers (sugar shakers).

Ceramics are one of the very best things you can collect. They’re functional (especially compared with silver match safes), come in a wide range of prices and, when used lovingly and displayed creatively, bring design magic to a room.



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